Make a Room looks deeper

If you do not enjoy that limited space at home, you need to use decorating tips that will give the impression that your home is larger than it actually looks like. But be careful because these tips will not be the same if the room is narrow, low or reduced.

1-If you do not enjoy a very small space on the whole, consider painting the room a very light color. The white will do wonders in this context because it will give the illusion that the room is more spacious. For maximum effect, remember to invest in furniture and decorative objects of the same color, this way eveyone that might come to visit you, he/she will be amazed to see that your room is spacy and deep. So bright colors could be the key to make your room looks large.

2-If the room is narrow, adopt the contrast between very bright walls and a floor and a ceiling that are made of dark colors. The subdued colors of the floor and ceiling will attract more attention and look and make the room visually larger.

3-If the ceiling has a problem with being too low, invest in a wallpaper with vertical stripes to give the impression that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. Adopt as low furniture and invest in large tiles for the floor.