The glass candle holders, and a tendency Baroque

The lanterns have not finished dressing table of guests. Of the baroque to the most contemporary, zoom on three glass candleholders trendy. The Candles Diptyque Jean-Marc Gady, emerging figure of French design, has designed three photophores (55 € one) entirely made in France by a glass blowing workshop called “flame” to Diptyque. From a transparent glass tube spline, which has the particularity to withstand large temperature variations, the glass craftsman shapes, piece by piece over 1000C °, with his breath and using some tools specific graphite (without mold), the exact form of photophore envisioned by the designer. Ribs, simple twists, double twists … Each twist is exactly the result of a rapid movement of the craftsman, so each piece remains despite careful regularity, unique. The Diptyque candle jars are composed of a dome, to sublimate the light of the mini-candle and a black Bakelite base to protect the surface on which it burns.

The photophores Party Lite It includes all forms and styles! The candle holders Miranova (€ 22.90), with its shiny disco pellets thousand-lights goes very well with the hurricane lamp. The door lanterns Cherry Blossoms (€ 31.90) puts flowers in the living room. For a simple and effective decoration, all Planter presented in a metal basket (€ 33.90) welcomes wonderfully fresh fragrances such as lanterns and spring tomato-basil (€ 16.90 12). For a subdued atmosphere, the holder tealights Amaretto (€ 31.90) are perfect! Their crushed glass layer is applied on the glass craftsmen to create arabesques and a mosaic of colors. It shines! The lanterns parties (€ 34.90) are very smart, you put lanterns or tealights to beautify the garden. The photophores of Stephan Lanez By Edited by Marcel, this family of photophores (98 to € 655) matriochkas inspired Russian has six stained glass bell at the bottom and turned wood platters. The bells of glass and can be stacked wooden trays can be stacked, resulting in a single object. Here are some unique candleholders, and ultra contemporary design!